Post Title. 09/22/2009
Saturday I biked 70 miles. It took me just over 7 hours. I stopped many times to rest along the way. I found myself stopping about every hour for a good amount of water and supplemental energy packets. It was good to get a feel for a 7 hour ride but it was also good to toy around with mapping. I didn't have a set route in mind so i just played with some different directions and made my way.
Post Title. 09/09/2009
Each day I get closer and closer to feeling ready for this event. I ride more and more as the weeks go on.  I'm learning as much as I can about bikes, touring, and training. I went for a 43 mile ride the other day and it was a good wake up call to how challenging this trip is really going to be. 43 miles took me 3hours and 20 minutes. I will admit that my body felt every second of it. I'm using new muscle groups and I can tell. We have decided to do near 80 miles per day on our trip. Hopefully in a 6 hour day.  I absolutely understand I have some work ahead of me.  I also hope that I can get my ten speed to be...ummm not a ten speed haha. After riding around for long periods of time I started to notice the importance of the gears that my bike is missing. I would be much more comfortable with at least 21 speeds.

  Im also actively involved in running a marathon in January. This fundraiser however is for Leukemia.  I have found that the same thing for both motivate me to finish each training day. May it be a 6 hour bike ride or a 4 hour run a always at some point want to quit. I think about it every time. I also think about cancer patients who are in a constant life battle. I think about how they fight there own pains every day. The difference is they have no choice. They cant quit they cant stop they cant give up.

Good Stress. 09/01/2009
 Running marathons, biking across country, and the F word. Ya "F"und raising. I have found it very difficult to do all of this and work full time. Training is hours of running or biking everyday. fund raising is always a constant push and 40hr work weeks are a great added bonus to it all.

   I understand that its hard for most of us to give money right now. Money seems to be tight all over these days. I guess that's what got me thinking about why this charity is so important. If money is tight for all of us, what is it like for cancer patients that have $10,000+ monthly treatment bills. I learned today that a great amount of patients turn down treatment because of cost and even those who have insurance think hard about it because out-of-pocket co-payments are far to much.

 The Anderson Family Oncology Fund Provides treatment payment relief until the proper insurance can help cover the costs. I personally don't think that anyone should have to turn down treatment in fear of the families financial future.

Asking everyone to donate money is very difficult to do. Many times it can be stressful and a lot of work. I also know that the relief this charity provides to families is indescribable.  Maybe this will help with the title good stress. we are all in this together, or at least we should be. I guess the running and bilking can be looked at both ways. Its always hard work, but at the same time its great to get out. and wander around in the adventure that follows every turn of the road.