Post Title. 10/27/2009
   Thank you Alex  for an amazing stay at your home! I enjoyed hearing about the world adventures and Im further inspired to complete this journey. We are on our way to Alex's bike shop to get our bike tuned up for the road!

  Not sure when Ill be at a computer again but Ill always post new photos and have updates on my facebook (which I can do from my phone)  so check in often!  
Post Title. 10/26/2009
  Today was a very long day. We rode 7-4 and only made it 34 miles! We went uphill, then uphill, then at the top of that hill we went up another huge hill. Thats how most of the day went. I think the avg speed was about 6-7 on the day lol. With that said I am very tired and have made good friends with a bag of ice.

     Its great to be out of the city! Maryland is an amazingly beautiful state! Last night we were shy of our destination and had to stop at a farmhouse to ask for a place to stay. With no hesitation Al and Sandy let us stay with open arms! They had a wonderful farm and it was a great place to stay. 

When biking in Delaware we spent the night on the DSU. I had been wondering around town at night and went into a bar to meet some locals. I ran into a group of students from Lane hall 07 reunion trip (freshman year) and one of them was very interested in our trip. He asked what was next and I mentioned that we were on our way to Westminster Maryland which was about 100 miles away. To my surprise he had worked at a bike shop in Westminster and said we could easily find a place to stay. During our lunch break I called the shop the student worked at and sure enough the shop owner was more than happy to house us! Alex the owner of 5 Race pace bike shops and his wife Pam made us a wonderful dinner, gave us some much needed bike knowledge, and exchanged many stories of how they toured all over the world on bikes! Our clothes are washed, we are well fed, showered, and have a bed to sleep in!

It is very hard to keep my eyes open. I wish I could tell all about the amazing things that have been happening but I need to sleep. We still have a long way to go and my body is still not adjusted to what I am doing.

  I miss my dog :(
Post Title. 10/26/2009
Well I cant write much. I thought I would have more time to updat this journal but we have very limited acess to the internet. It is easy to post photos from my phone so Thats the best way to keep updated. We are in Mayland right now. I am very sore but will pust on to finish this trip! When I get more time I will sit down and write the many stories I have to tell. Thank you for the emails! I need them to stay strong and keep pushing. This is much harder than i thought and your kind words and stories help keep me going!   I am learning so much about myself, about each state, and our country! Im learning new things that ive never even thought about. This trip is an amazing way to discover many new things and ideas.  I must continue now although this small break has provided the bit of rest I needed to keep going
Id rather not write much about day two. We woke up in Princeton and made our way to a cafe for some morning mapping. We had learned about a trail called the East Coast Greenway. The Greenway travels from Canada to Florida. It follows a the Pennsylvania Canal which is over 60 miles long 8ft deep, and 60ft in width. Started in the early 1800s and finished in 1832 the canal was dug entirely by hand! We followed the greenway into Trenton NJ (a town I have no intention on ever going back to) . When the trail intersects with the city it becomes broken over streets and is hard to follow. We had asked a resident where that trail starts again and she gladly showed us. Unfortunately she pointed us to the Tow Path and Not the Greenway. They looked the same but the tow path traveled NW and the greenway travels south. With that said.....we traveled for hours in the wrong direction. We started back south and ended up in Newtown PA. We were very very upset that our daily progress was basically nothing. We decied to go into town, grab a coffee and just forget about the day. To our surprise everyone in and around Starbucks was extremely interested in our adventure. We took the time to talk to the locals outside and the employees inside (who ended up giving us free coffee!) A few miles away we found Tyler state park and decided to push far into the state park and camp for the night.  Stay positive...brush it off....and push on! :)
Day One! 10/22/2009
We got a late start in New York. I spent most of the afternoon making sure I had everything I needed. The ride into the city was a long one mostly due to insane traffic. Our start point was Liberty Park. A great coastal location to begin a charity ride that supports the awareness of our cause, and community involvement as individual towns, cities, states, and our country. One of the many people we met at the park was Derek. He was also a cyclist and was very interested in our travels. He was extremely helpful with advice on finding our way out of the city. When we mentioned that we were planning our route day to day he immediately went to his car to find us a map. He returned with state maps for NYC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and a few others. It was a great start to our trip to  find that fellow cyclists are so willing to help. We had planned to end our first day in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately our late start only got us to Princeton NJ. We met up with some friends in Princeton for dinner and we ended up sleeping on campus in a grassy church alley. The church was huge and the alley we decided to stay in was rarely traveled. It was about 9pm when we went to bed and decided to wake up early so we would be found. Princeton was a beautiful place but other than that it is safe to say that I strongly dislike New Jersey. It was very difficult to find our way out of the city. We were forced to ride over a highway bridge (definitely illegal) and we were very close to being hit by cars doing 65+. Cory was only a few feet from a skidding eighteen wheeler. I know it was kinda stupid but it was the only was near us to get get across the river.  It was about 630 when we came into princeton and along the road we were spooked by three deer that were resting on the side of the road.  It was good to end the day and get 

   Our 60 day journey starts in just a few hours! We are spending out first night with the Kalinowski's. We had an amazing dinner, and breakfast in the morning! We will leave NYC in the morning and bike to our fist scheduled stop in PA.  I am very excited to start!

Post Title. 10/18/2009
Thank you everyone for the gifts, food, and good luck wishes! I will see you all in two months with some incredible stories. Most of all I hope to come home with a large check for the Anderson Oncology Fund!  

Thank You!!!!! Nat McAllister from Papa Wheelies in Portsmouth NH is basically the coolest guy ever. Even in tough economical times and the end of bike season, Nat came to the rescue and helped me with a new bike! I guess what I like most is, I met the guy once and came in a few days later and he knew who I was. Im sure he sees customers everyday but he remembered my name, shook my hand , and was more than willing to help in any way he could.

 I have been on some crazy rides with the 79' training bike. It is safe to say that I am not a real cyclist. I know very little about road bikes. I thought my 79 was a great bike!  I guess besides speed, comfort, control, quality, safety, efficiency, style, and some other things I wasn't missing out on much. lol More Papa Wheelies stuff will be on the website and media soon but for now heres all the info. Papa Wheelies Bicycle Shop653 Islington Street, Portsmouth NH 03801603 427 
 I tend to put up with a lot before I brake. I can take a ton of hits, hard falls, or even be pushed so hard my body forces me to shut down. Thats as far as I can go...alone that is. 

  Cory and I were out getting some bike stuff done today when he started to tell me a story. The story was about the necklace he was putting on and how it would keep him going. Given to him by his girlfriend I could relate instantly. Not only could I relate but I mentioned to him that while he was at breakfast I also packed mine. Its strange that on the same day we both gathered our necklaces to take with us.

 Mine is a small locket. on the face is a four leaf clover and inside a short note. A few words that I pray will sum up a very long and wonderful story. I have had it for a long time. I usually bring it with me when I think I may fail. I bring it with me when I want to feel safe and whole. I have many sources of inspiration, but when it gets to be to much I can close my eyes, grab the necklace, and just feel like everything is ok.