Id rather not write much about day two. We woke up in Princeton and made our way to a cafe for some morning mapping. We had learned about a trail called the East Coast Greenway. The Greenway travels from Canada to Florida. It follows a the Pennsylvania Canal which is over 60 miles long 8ft deep, and 60ft in width. Started in the early 1800s and finished in 1832 the canal was dug entirely by hand! We followed the greenway into Trenton NJ (a town I have no intention on ever going back to) . When the trail intersects with the city it becomes broken over streets and is hard to follow. We had asked a resident where that trail starts again and she gladly showed us. Unfortunately she pointed us to the Tow Path and Not the Greenway. They looked the same but the tow path traveled NW and the greenway travels south. With that said.....we traveled for hours in the wrong direction. We started back south and ended up in Newtown PA. We were very very upset that our daily progress was basically nothing. We decied to go into town, grab a coffee and just forget about the day. To our surprise everyone in and around Starbucks was extremely interested in our adventure. We took the time to talk to the locals outside and the employees inside (who ended up giving us free coffee!) A few miles away we found Tyler state park and decided to push far into the state park and camp for the night.  Stay positive...brush it off....and push on! :)


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