Day One! 10/22/2009
We got a late start in New York. I spent most of the afternoon making sure I had everything I needed. The ride into the city was a long one mostly due to insane traffic. Our start point was Liberty Park. A great coastal location to begin a charity ride that supports the awareness of our cause, and community involvement as individual towns, cities, states, and our country. One of the many people we met at the park was Derek. He was also a cyclist and was very interested in our travels. He was extremely helpful with advice on finding our way out of the city. When we mentioned that we were planning our route day to day he immediately went to his car to find us a map. He returned with state maps for NYC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and a few others. It was a great start to our trip to  find that fellow cyclists are so willing to help. We had planned to end our first day in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately our late start only got us to Princeton NJ. We met up with some friends in Princeton for dinner and we ended up sleeping on campus in a grassy church alley. The church was huge and the alley we decided to stay in was rarely traveled. It was about 9pm when we went to bed and decided to wake up early so we would be found. Princeton was a beautiful place but other than that it is safe to say that I strongly dislike New Jersey. It was very difficult to find our way out of the city. We were forced to ride over a highway bridge (definitely illegal) and we were very close to being hit by cars doing 65+. Cory was only a few feet from a skidding eighteen wheeler. I know it was kinda stupid but it was the only was near us to get get across the river.  It was about 630 when we came into princeton and along the road we were spooked by three deer that were resting on the side of the road.  It was good to end the day and get 



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