Post Title. 10/26/2009
Well I cant write much. I thought I would have more time to updat this journal but we have very limited acess to the internet. It is easy to post photos from my phone so Thats the best way to keep updated. We are in Mayland right now. I am very sore but will pust on to finish this trip! When I get more time I will sit down and write the many stories I have to tell. Thank you for the emails! I need them to stay strong and keep pushing. This is much harder than i thought and your kind words and stories help keep me going!   I am learning so much about myself, about each state, and our country! Im learning new things that ive never even thought about. This trip is an amazing way to discover many new things and ideas.  I must continue now although this small break has provided the bit of rest I needed to keep going


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