Post Title. 10/26/2009
  Today was a very long day. We rode 7-4 and only made it 34 miles! We went uphill, then uphill, then at the top of that hill we went up another huge hill. Thats how most of the day went. I think the avg speed was about 6-7 on the day lol. With that said I am very tired and have made good friends with a bag of ice.

     Its great to be out of the city! Maryland is an amazingly beautiful state! Last night we were shy of our destination and had to stop at a farmhouse to ask for a place to stay. With no hesitation Al and Sandy let us stay with open arms! They had a wonderful farm and it was a great place to stay. 

When biking in Delaware we spent the night on the DSU. I had been wondering around town at night and went into a bar to meet some locals. I ran into a group of students from Lane hall 07 reunion trip (freshman year) and one of them was very interested in our trip. He asked what was next and I mentioned that we were on our way to Westminster Maryland which was about 100 miles away. To my surprise he had worked at a bike shop in Westminster and said we could easily find a place to stay. During our lunch break I called the shop the student worked at and sure enough the shop owner was more than happy to house us! Alex the owner of 5 Race pace bike shops and his wife Pam made us a wonderful dinner, gave us some much needed bike knowledge, and exchanged many stories of how they toured all over the world on bikes! Our clothes are washed, we are well fed, showered, and have a bed to sleep in!

It is very hard to keep my eyes open. I wish I could tell all about the amazing things that have been happening but I need to sleep. We still have a long way to go and my body is still not adjusted to what I am doing.

  I miss my dog :(


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Cosmic beautiful, Because the love of god, Flowers are beautiful, Because of love, The sky is greenery is beautiful, Because BaiYunZhi love, Earth is beautiful, Because the love of friends! My good wishes, Through the space sent to you!


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