Thank You!!!!! Nat McAllister from Papa Wheelies in Portsmouth NH is basically the coolest guy ever. Even in tough economical times and the end of bike season, Nat came to the rescue and helped me with a new bike! I guess what I like most is, I met the guy once and came in a few days later and he knew who I was. Im sure he sees customers everyday but he remembered my name, shook my hand , and was more than willing to help in any way he could.

 I have been on some crazy rides with the 79' training bike. It is safe to say that I am not a real cyclist. I know very little about road bikes. I thought my 79 was a great bike!  I guess besides speed, comfort, control, quality, safety, efficiency, style, and some other things I wasn't missing out on much. lol More Papa Wheelies stuff will be on the website and media soon but for now heres all the info. Papa Wheelies Bicycle Shop653 Islington Street, Portsmouth NH 03801603 427 


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