I tend to put up with a lot before I brake. I can take a ton of hits, hard falls, or even be pushed so hard my body forces me to shut down. Thats as far as I can go...alone that is. 

  Cory and I were out getting some bike stuff done today when he started to tell me a story. The story was about the necklace he was putting on and how it would keep him going. Given to him by his girlfriend I could relate instantly. Not only could I relate but I mentioned to him that while he was at breakfast I also packed mine. Its strange that on the same day we both gathered our necklaces to take with us.

 Mine is a small locket. on the face is a four leaf clover and inside a short note. A few words that I pray will sum up a very long and wonderful story. I have had it for a long time. I usually bring it with me when I think I may fail. I bring it with me when I want to feel safe and whole. I have many sources of inspiration, but when it gets to be to much I can close my eyes, grab the necklace, and just feel like everything is ok.  


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