Post Title. 08/31/2009
First day of real training. 14 Miles 50 minutes give or take. It turns out that the only bike I have a available that fit's my 6'5" frame is my old mtn. bike. Looks like i'll be getting off that olde and back on my main mode of transportation before my license came along. After today's ride I remember how much I liked biking out to Sandwich, NH to see my friends.  I'll be convoerting this bike into more of a touring bike with some new components. A new big front sprocket, road handle bars, and new road slick tires that fit on the mtn. frame.  Tomorrow we start biking to and from the job site. 26 Miles a day!!! Ryan has been poaching local sports supply outfits for anyone who has done something like this. After last weekends success with Jon at EMS we learned of sage advice from an ass that had sat on a bike seat this long.
Will keep this updated in training days and time trials.
Thanks to Evin Callahan who is helping us perfect this website each day. It's looking better and better Evin, we can't thank you enough.
First Post! 08/29/2009
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    20 Something male on a traveling mission! Exploring this country as much as possible. Follow most of my days here and be sure to leave comments. I'll be working on and riding in a 3,500 mile bicycle ride across the USA.


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