Taking Control 11/17/2009
I've been struggling through a roller coaster of life changes and emotions since returning from the bike ride 2009. Today I spent the day working on the site, we've enlisted the google web technology to help us get a better idea of what is happening with the site. Who, Where, Why and most importantly HOW to get the hundreds and hundreds of visits we have to the site converted into donations. 

After working on the business plan for 2010 and having meetings with heads of national charities I've decided that we haven't done a good enough job not only telling people what this fund is about but showing them. Truly showing our visitors what it means to be in the situation of a struggling cancer patient and better illustrating how there donation dollars are effecting people in their back yard. 

I took the afternoon and chatted with Erin Plummer at the Meredith news, having lost my phone I missed the check in's last week. Look for the article this Thursday in the Meredith News. It's getting late and I'm going on a long bike ride to Plum Island and down the MA seacoast tomorrow. Last week I was able to get a 50 miler in one day with a loaded bike. Someone has to take advantage of this nice weather. 

The mind set on the bike now is get ready for skiing the big mountains legs and cardio are my mantra.

Stay posted!!! We have some big surprises in the works It's just to soon to go public yet. 
Feeling very defeated we made it to DC. Hitting up the cheapest hotel we could find we spent a night working on strategy of how we were going to continue. We are both dead set on making this transcontinental trip happen. Not only just making it happen but making it a wildly successful fundraising event. 

We've decided summer 2010 will be take off time for our trip. We have also decided to leave from Cape Neddick Light in Maine and head to San Francisco, CA on a northernly route. It was Liberty we chose as a way to cut off a few miles and save us some time as were headed through the Mojave in already cold temperatures.  

Since our return we've already continues our fundraising efforts and we will work dilligentley at creating an even bigger buzz for next year. We have also recruited a few more riders to join us for different legs of the adventure. I hope that we can continue creating a viral buzz in the community to spur support for the cause. 
Our epic trip is only a stunt that gives reason to publicize the Anderson Oncology Fund. There are a few things that bring me great joy in the world. Marketing something I fully stand behind is so much fun for me. Traveling and exploring new places always changes my look at the world. Having the opportunity to do both of these things simultaneously is amazing. 

It has been only a few days since I've been back and not many days on the road but this years trip has changed my life for the better. Why? I haven't quite figured that out yet. 

Having "failed" (in my eyes at least) we still created a great thing. It wasn't weather, difficulties on the road, or fitness that kept us from going across the country but the harsh reality of funding pitfalls. Ryan and I have invested our every penny in this and our hand was forced. With that knowledge I'm able to be OK with having not made it this year, knowing that we will be that much more prepared for 2010.

This trip has sparked my personal energy and focus again, something I had lost somewhere along the way in the last year. I'm driven to eat healthy and maintain the fitness level I've returned to. Since being home I've biked at least 20 miles daily. I wake up and want to ride all day. I'll say that biking around without 55 pounds on my bicycle is amazing, I feel like Lance Armstrong. 

I'm not sure how so much changed inside for me in one week but it has. I'm happy again and life has taken a positive turn, with this sack of lemons i'm gong to make the best lemonade I can. 

Follow our blog and the road to 2010 on this site. Keep spreading the word and contributing to our community through the Anderson Oncology Fund!~
2 DC, I suppose 11/04/2009
We awoke the next morning and headed back to McDonald's. I thought maybe if we cut out the rest days and tried to push for longer days we could do it. grabbing a pen and paper we worked out the math. It wasn't pretty. We went over more and more options, the only one that was making the trip feasible was wishful thinking and that was no longer an option considering the fallout if it didn't work. 

We had both left on promises of a few more sizable donations from friends and acquaintance that never materialized. It was those things that finally convinced me that I could go, if you remember I had pulled out due to funding issues early on. Having heard all the right sounds from a few more people I jumped back on the bus and we took off together. 

We changed plans that morning and decided to head back east and make our trek to the White House. Liberty to the White House that is a good pedal, two great start and finish points and we were sure to be able to get some sort of transit back home. 

Off we pedaled through some beautiful Maryland country side. Spendng 
We woke up from our rest at Alex's house to a great breakfast and headed down to his shop for a bike tune up lesson and gift of free chamois butter. I now understand the difference between goldbond in my bike shorts and the right stuff. If you are a biker go with the Chamois cream, Feels awkward at first but it gets the job done much better. 
The day was overcast and the weather predicted a clearing. Mistaken was that weather man, we left Race Pace bicycles with bikes that shifted again like they were supposed to and newly trued wheels. It was a fast day and we covered 20 miles in under two hours through the rain. 
Stopping finally at a MCD to take stock and get a McCafe before our push over the Potomac. I had been doing some math our the ride and the brutal truth was becoming increasingly evident. With out continued donations we were going to run out of money at less then 75% through the trip. And I mean really really run out down to 0 in the bank. 

I didn't want to talk much about it at MCD's as I was still working on what we could do, if we could cut more costs. Nothing was comming to mind. The rain picked up again and we decided we would try and find some woods. Ryan talked to the local Sherrif about a place to stay she informed us that we could sneak into the park up the street if someone found us it was her on call and not to worry about it presuming we were only camping for the night. We didn't even get to the park when we spotted a church on a hill with an overhang. We made camp under the roof it was nice to escape the rain. 

Then I started talking to Ryan about my thoughts. It was a painful conversation to have as it generally is when facing a reality that you don't want to accept. We left home after pushing as hard as we could on fundraising for two months. The media blitz we created was a success as far as getting the story in front of people but our conversion to donations was not what we had hoped for. 

Having to bike full time during the day and find a place to sleep and eat at night was eating up every bit of energy while we were on the trail, the feasibility of spending time working on donations was not what we had hoped. We had dilligently been soliciting people in the streets and cafe's we stopped at collecting a few dollars here and there but not nearly enough. 

With host families and there food we were still running food costs alone (yes even on just Ramen and Tuna Fish) that were going to cripple us before we made it.. 

We decided to sleep on it and we passed out in the dry under the church roof. 



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