Day 1 10/23/2009

I'm keeping a hand written journal for the times when I can't get to a computer. When I do I am going to transpose it to this blog on a day by day post.

After a last meal and a night spent w/ Kelli and Brian we set off from the Statue of Liberty with plans to make it to Philidelphia....  We ended up getting a late start after enjoying an amazing goodbye breakfast caserole! (Thanks Kelli) 
At the park as we were loading up our bikes a man on his bike asked casually were we were headed. He was poliete and very friendly and we began telling him our story. Learning his name was Deryk he told us a little about his long rides. With out even saying anything he went to his car and retuned with a present! State maps of every east coast state we planned to bike through! What a life saver. We had grand plans to use Ryans phone and my GPS... Turns out, in our haste to pack Ryan forgot his charger and the latter is harder to keep charged then I planned. Alas we were off. Biking through Newark and Jersey City that was an adventure taking downtown roads and dodging fast traffic across a bridge definately not made for bikes.
We kept going and going. Getting out of the city it was a nice change of pace to be on smooth road. I had a message 2 dear old friends of mine were traveling south from NH and we made plans to meet in Princeton(What a beautiful place). 
Kelley and Kasey the ever inseperable treated us to a fantastic dinner after we booked it for a few solid hours in the dark. 
Almost being taken out by an 18 wheeler on my frist night.... it had to screech to a stop... then later some deer on the side of the road ran next to us that scared the hell out of us both! 
We made camp in an alleyway on Princeton campus next to the main church. See pictures, it was beautiful so we unrolled our bags and I slept on a door mat of a tool shed.    Ohhh how this adventure began. 




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