Day 2 10/23/2009

Next am we hit up a campus coffee joint (A Small World Cafe) passing out our information to everyone inside. Made plans for the day and set off. 11am by the time we were headed in right direction. Found the East Coast Greenway, a trail we later learned we could have followed all the way to Princeton. It was beautiful, a shale path that followed a canal for miles to Trenton. Were we took a wrong turn on some directions for a not so reliable character in the street. It was a beautiful day spent pedaling fast and covering lots of ground.. When I finally decided to stop and have a meal about three and check the GPS I couldn't believe my eyes... I had to check it three times! WHAT WE TOOK THE WRONG TURN for 20 plus miles. We made a V Princeton to Trenton to Washington Crossing. UGH.. read Ryans bolg for more, we crossed the Delaware and spent the night in a state park in Newtown PA.
I was defeated and very frusterated, I took space from Ryan in a local Starbuck and gained my sanity back with a good conversation with Alicia (Thank you for your rationality)  'Well let's chalk that one up as it is and move on' Ryan said and I came back from frusteration. I learned it from Mike Murray 'It is what it is'



Sun, 25 Oct 2009 18:52:41

Hello Cory and Ryan

Glad you survived to tell the tale after biking through Jersey City and Newark, I think I mentioned that getting across to the mainland wouldn't be easy. The East Coast Greenway recommends you use the PATH subway to avoid the bridge you must have taken.

When I got home I found my missing Delaware and Raritan Canal map on the closet floor. It might have saved you the extra 20 miles if it had not somehow got out of my hydration pack where it "aways" resides. The trail is beautiful even going the wrong way.

Hope you got an e mail from Trudy Hutter of the NYC Weekday Cyclists. She sent your website link to about 350 people



Thu, 12 Aug 2010 03:48:45

A heart that loves is always young.


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