Day 3 10/22 10/23/2009

At a McDonalds enjoying a McCafe 1 PM we've been biking all morning. We biked from Newtown back to Trenton to get back to where we lost the trail. Finding out that it ends right were we got lost, figures. I hit up the Trenton library and wrote turn by turn directions down all the way to Willmington, DE.  Only make a mistake once. It took a good amount of time but well worth it. The signage in PA for the bike routes is fantastic (Kudos to whomever is running that show) we didn't need the turn by turn but hell I wasn't going the wrong way again. Not having showered yet I was on a mission.
Over our coffee stop Ryan and I talked some shop about good biking technique and tried to dispel to him some wisdom from the days when "Katrina" my old Mtn. Bike and I would take pedals from Meredith Neck to Sandwhich coincedintly to hang out with Kasey and Kelly... Oh how history repeats. We both made quips about the plane ride home and I thought 'HA, day 3 and i'm already thinking about that flight. I tried to get it out of my head quickly 5 hours in a comfy seat, covering the land it just took me 60 days to do.

We biked through Tacony, PA. It is interesting to go through such rundown places on a bicycle. My travels have been fairly broad but fortunately often in luxurious hotels and beautiful destinations. When your are on the bicycle you are a part of the street. Smells and sounds take you over. Blocks change quickly in places from destitue conditions to beautiful neighborhoods. Our cities are strange like that. I was unable to get a quality camera before the trip to complete my planned photoessay I thought much about how I wanted to capture the places we pedaled through. After Philly we were hauling to try and make it to Willmington before dark. 
Chester i'm not sure if it is PA or DE was a place like i've never seen. Almost alien terrain. It runs along the river and has been completly developed into refineries, 5-6 maybe more miles worth of piping. Cooling towers stretch to the sky and at dusk the lights were all on. I thought this is what it will look like when we colonize Mars or the like. We were catching the change of shifts, traffic was headed all in one direction, out! 4 miles left to destination and I hit something in the road, big, instant rear flat!  I did my best Nascar pit crew speed tube change and we took off again. 1 mile covered, fast. Blew the tire again!!! AGHHH soo close yet so far!!!    Changed tube again at a glf and realized what ever I hit shreaded my tire and cut the rubber in half. Rendered unrideable we called Kasey for rescue. 5 minutes later we were loading bikes into the truck. THANK GOD!! Lesson 2: What to do when a tire shreds?  Note to self to find out tommorow. 

We made it to Kasey place and at everything we could find. It was great to see these girls again, they were best friends of mine growing up and we haven't excahnged much of a word in years as life has taken us all different directions. Ryan clammed up, we had a minute alone and he caught me "You didn't tell me they were beautiful" He scurried to the shower. I chuckled. The girls went out and we lazed around trying to catch up with our chores and clean up. A comfortable night and some cushion to sleep on.... I didn't fit on the couch and Ryan passed out mid sentance on the futon I had called fives on earlier so I slept on the floor on top of my mummy bag. More comfortable then the door mat and asphalt of night one. I couldn't sleep for hours, I'm always jealous at how quickly Ryan passes out and how soundly he sleeps. No more late in the day McCafe's for me.



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This article is really good,Only you and God.


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