Shorty's 10/26/2009

On the corner of a back country road we wanted to turn left a man tended a pit beef barbeque, long dreaded hair he called out  ' Try a piece it's free' You don't have to ask twice my friend! He invited us in side and told us wuite a a story about his life. Seems he is making a movie about racism in America ' Letters to Zion by Rob Fix (Spring of 10') the other simply 'Racisim in America'. He's taken us into his country store provided us with a bit of food and a computer to update the blog with.

Last night we didn't quite make the destination. We knocked on the door of farm house and asked if we could camp in the yard. A nice man named Al set us up behind a farm house under an ancient oak tree. It was beatiful, we set off early and have been peadling through the Maryland country side since.   We must take off and get back on the road but wanted to take a minute to keep ya'll posted.

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Tue, 26 Oct 2010 02:11:35

A crane discount for you,Let trouble from you, One thousand rose to you, Let you love yourself, One thousand lucky stars to you, Let the good luck surround you, A thousand COINS happy for you, Let you find time to be in a good mood.


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