It's been a brutal day. 34 miles into Westminster, MD. Rode all day! 7-4 with only a few stops and we only made it 34 miles. HILLS, HILLS, HILLS, all we did today was going up and down. Fast down and then up and up and up then down a little bit. We made it to a McDonalds and I was toast. Ryan had met a guy while he was out at the bar in Newark, MD who happened to live in Westminster before he went to school. He passed along a few numbers fo people to contact if we made it to this town. At the MCD's Ryan started calling people.
ALEX!!!! came to the rescue and helped us saying we could stay at his place in the back yard. We didn't know what we were walking into when we got here. Turns out the guy is the Oracle of biking, he has traveled the world. Africa, South America, name it he or his kids have cycled it. We've been keeping him up hostage all night in his house peppering him with questions.
Race Pace Bicycles is his shop 5 of them across MD
He's taking us on a tour of the world just with his stories. It's amazing, his wife fed us some wonderful food and he has sat with us and looked over maps. I feel revived this man's traveled the world, lives frugally, is clearly successful. I'm sitting in the living room with him now listening to stories about how there is no restaurants in Morraco.

He's planning to take us to the bike shop tomorrow and get us tuned up. I'm excited after such a long day not making much progress. We've planed to get ourselves down the Shenondoah Valley to the Blueridge Parkway.

It's late and i'm exhausted so this entry i'm sure is a little delirious so it's time for me to call it for the night.

From our lunch break with Shorty... to dinner with Alex a day on the road never fails to disapoint.


Deryk Harrison

Wed, 28 Oct 2009 19:56:17

Hi Guys

In rolling countryside the cry should be "Oh no, not another downhill" It is always further up the following hill, especially with a loaded touring bike.

Keep on keeping on



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