2 DC, I suppose 11/04/2009
We awoke the next morning and headed back to McDonald's. I thought maybe if we cut out the rest days and tried to push for longer days we could do it. grabbing a pen and paper we worked out the math. It wasn't pretty. We went over more and more options, the only one that was making the trip feasible was wishful thinking and that was no longer an option considering the fallout if it didn't work. 

We had both left on promises of a few more sizable donations from friends and acquaintance that never materialized. It was those things that finally convinced me that I could go, if you remember I had pulled out due to funding issues early on. Having heard all the right sounds from a few more people I jumped back on the bus and we took off together. 

We changed plans that morning and decided to head back east and make our trek to the White House. Liberty to the White House that is a good pedal, two great start and finish points and we were sure to be able to get some sort of transit back home. 

Off we pedaled through some beautiful Maryland country side. Spendng 


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