Feeling very defeated we made it to DC. Hitting up the cheapest hotel we could find we spent a night working on strategy of how we were going to continue. We are both dead set on making this transcontinental trip happen. Not only just making it happen but making it a wildly successful fundraising event. 

We've decided summer 2010 will be take off time for our trip. We have also decided to leave from Cape Neddick Light in Maine and head to San Francisco, CA on a northernly route. It was Liberty we chose as a way to cut off a few miles and save us some time as were headed through the Mojave in already cold temperatures.  

Since our return we've already continues our fundraising efforts and we will work dilligentley at creating an even bigger buzz for next year. We have also recruited a few more riders to join us for different legs of the adventure. I hope that we can continue creating a viral buzz in the community to spur support for the cause. 
Our epic trip is only a stunt that gives reason to publicize the Anderson Oncology Fund. There are a few things that bring me great joy in the world. Marketing something I fully stand behind is so much fun for me. Traveling and exploring new places always changes my look at the world. Having the opportunity to do both of these things simultaneously is amazing. 

It has been only a few days since I've been back and not many days on the road but this years trip has changed my life for the better. Why? I haven't quite figured that out yet. 

Having "failed" (in my eyes at least) we still created a great thing. It wasn't weather, difficulties on the road, or fitness that kept us from going across the country but the harsh reality of funding pitfalls. Ryan and I have invested our every penny in this and our hand was forced. With that knowledge I'm able to be OK with having not made it this year, knowing that we will be that much more prepared for 2010.

This trip has sparked my personal energy and focus again, something I had lost somewhere along the way in the last year. I'm driven to eat healthy and maintain the fitness level I've returned to. Since being home I've biked at least 20 miles daily. I wake up and want to ride all day. I'll say that biking around without 55 pounds on my bicycle is amazing, I feel like Lance Armstrong. 

I'm not sure how so much changed inside for me in one week but it has. I'm happy again and life has taken a positive turn, with this sack of lemons i'm gong to make the best lemonade I can. 

Follow our blog and the road to 2010 on this site. Keep spreading the word and contributing to our community through the Anderson Oncology Fund!~


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