Taking Control 11/17/2009
I've been struggling through a roller coaster of life changes and emotions since returning from the bike ride 2009. Today I spent the day working on the site, we've enlisted the google web technology to help us get a better idea of what is happening with the site. Who, Where, Why and most importantly HOW to get the hundreds and hundreds of visits we have to the site converted into donations. 

After working on the business plan for 2010 and having meetings with heads of national charities I've decided that we haven't done a good enough job not only telling people what this fund is about but showing them. Truly showing our visitors what it means to be in the situation of a struggling cancer patient and better illustrating how there donation dollars are effecting people in their back yard. 

I took the afternoon and chatted with Erin Plummer at the Meredith news, having lost my phone I missed the check in's last week. Look for the article this Thursday in the Meredith News. It's getting late and I'm going on a long bike ride to Plum Island and down the MA seacoast tomorrow. Last week I was able to get a 50 miler in one day with a loaded bike. Someone has to take advantage of this nice weather. 

The mind set on the bike now is get ready for skiing the big mountains legs and cardio are my mantra.

Stay posted!!! We have some big surprises in the works It's just to soon to go public yet. 


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