We woke up from our rest at Alex's house to a great breakfast and headed down to his shop for a bike tune up lesson and gift of free chamois butter. I now understand the difference between goldbond in my bike shorts and the right stuff. If you are a biker go with the Chamois cream, Feels awkward at first but it gets the job done much better. 
The day was overcast and the weather predicted a clearing. Mistaken was that weather man, we left Race Pace bicycles with bikes that shifted again like they were supposed to and newly trued wheels. It was a fast day and we covered 20 miles in under two hours through the rain. 
Stopping finally at a MCD to take stock and get a McCafe before our push over the Potomac. I had been doing some math our the ride and the brutal truth was becoming increasingly evident. With out continued donations we were going to run out of money at less then 75% through the trip. And I mean really really run out down to 0 in the bank. 

I didn't want to talk much about it at MCD's as I was still working on what we could do, if we could cut more costs. Nothing was comming to mind. The rain picked up again and we decided we would try and find some woods. Ryan talked to the local Sherrif about a place to stay she informed us that we could sneak into the park up the street if someone found us it was her on call and not to worry about it presuming we were only camping for the night. We didn't even get to the park when we spotted a church on a hill with an overhang. We made camp under the roof it was nice to escape the rain. 

Then I started talking to Ryan about my thoughts. It was a painful conversation to have as it generally is when facing a reality that you don't want to accept. We left home after pushing as hard as we could on fundraising for two months. The media blitz we created was a success as far as getting the story in front of people but our conversion to donations was not what we had hoped for. 

Having to bike full time during the day and find a place to sleep and eat at night was eating up every bit of energy while we were on the trail, the feasibility of spending time working on donations was not what we had hoped. We had dilligently been soliciting people in the streets and cafe's we stopped at collecting a few dollars here and there but not nearly enough. 

With host families and there food we were still running food costs alone (yes even on just Ramen and Tuna Fish) that were going to cripple us before we made it.. 

We decided to sleep on it and we passed out in the dry under the church roof. 



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