Packing up final items and my room. Leaving today for the ride to NY. I've decided I need to do this. After some serious anxiety attacks and lots of back and forth thats about killed Ryan. I've decided to go. Lately I've been feeling like less of a person than I have for some time. I was defeated by the idea that it really isn't the best idea to get on a bike and pedal for this long. Defeated that I had put my all into making it happen and well.... 

Lest we forget its what you do in life not what you thought about doing so alas I'm going to start biking. I'm calling it the clean slate ride, 60 days isn't that long and it will be life changing. I can get away from a place I curiously returned to and all willing find some happiness again. 

We head to Kelli's tonight for a last meal and then we are off in the am. Looks like we can't get out of the city from Battery Park so we might be leaving from Liberty Park. 

Follow our pics, we can keep them updated as we go. 
Blogs will try and be day today but it's tough to update from the phone. Most likely will be every few days. 

Wish us luck and if you want to join the cause. Donate now hit the yellow button!






I'm in Boston spending my last few days with Alicia. I am teatering on the edge of saying "ok i'm in" to this trip. Donations have slowed to a trickle. Site traffic has tripled!!! We are getting more support from strangers on the street with this adventure than I am from my family. It blows me away how when you do a good thing other good people come out and join you.

Both Ryan and I are investing our every last penny into this trip. We are relying on a litlle help from those interested in the cause. Since our media has started to make it's way into the public we've receieved amazing emails from people around the country offering a place to stay and hot food as we make our way across the USA. The generosity of others always has such an impact on me, having come from a place where such nicities aren't given to ones own childern. It is on this mission that I am reminded the world is full of wonderfully generous people.

Help both of us make this trip and our cause a success. Donate today!!!!

My heart goes out to the people who have sent me the most wonderful stories. It is an honor to be able to help such a great cause. 


Just back from the bike shop. Papa Wheelies came through huge deciding that they will carry the debt for the trip till years end. 

Talk about a roller coaster of emotion. We walked in with a McCafe peace offering with the bad news  I needed to return everything from yesterday! After hearing why and were we stood, Nat chimed in with sage words "Nobody in this business makes money. It's a good life style, we are helping other people live a healthier life" That resonated with me, that is what we are doing with the fund as well.
"You are shouldering the hurdle of the trip, if my part is to shoulder this to make it happen, i'm in" Loosely quoted- 

We are back at the house as Ryan's bike is racked up. Pulling all the things we need out and packing up. 

Please help us out and donate. $.01 a mile to this journey. If every friend o





Well isn't the egg on my face!   I can't take this pedal. Went and spent all day at the shop yesterday. Ate up Nat's day. Had my bike built, looked really sick. went to pay and.....

We got a little excited and hyped up. It's like deal heat, kinda sweeps you away. There is no way I can take this pedal. We didn't raise nearly enough. We didn't raise enough money for one of us to go really but Ryan is going to do it anyway. 

I feel bad for having Papa's spend so much time building my bike out for me but it is what it is. We are about to head back there and have them get Ryan's bike all set up where it needs to be. 

This has been a back and forth week on all kinds of fronts! The media has begun to hit. Site traffic is creeping up slowly but we need to convert visits to some donations. We are so close to having enough donations that we know we'll be able to make it across. It is so close that we had decided that I wasn't going to go and ride that just Ryan would pedal and I would run PR. 
Since then....
My entire plan to move back to Park City has fallen through after my ski lesson family pulled their deposit on the season.... UGHH   can no longer afford the deposit to get Alicia and I out into a new place. Soooo.... time to make a new plan! again... 

After Alicia and I spent last weekend in New York and at Kelli's house (thank you) we had quite an adventure. Unfortunately it was cut short and we didn't get to see as much of the city as we had planned! I was bummed. Ohhh well. 

Since Park City has fallen through I've quite litterally (in the last 20 minutes) decided that I am going to take this ride also. With the help of the guys at Papa Wheelies bike shop in Portsmouth! Big Shout out to Nat!   We are going to be able to make it though it's going to be tight. I'll return here...ugh.. with no funds. What's a few more months of being broke right? It's for a good cause anyway and not something I shouldn't be spending money on. Good distractions. This has been a wonderful one for me and I've made some great progress in getting healthy and back on track to a good lifestyle. 

It's pretty cool to hear ourselves on the Radio. Thanks to Kelly Brown and the crew at Clearchannel we have a PSA running for 2months and fantastic interview. I"m about to figure out how to post that stuff up on the website. If you can't find it i'll have to have Evin take care of it for me but in the mean time listen to your local Clearchannel station and listen to Ryan and I. 

My air mattress has a slow leak in it so the last few nights i wake up just before morning sunken all the way to the floor. The sleeping bag and tent are starting to sound better and better. 

Carlos a good friend of Kelli's has helped us out with some hotel discounts. AWESOME!!! That is going to be a big help when it comes to showers and a sleep on a bed. Thanks again Carlos I know we'll be so excited and thinking of you each time we go head down on a pillow. 

I visited the Sandwich Fair today. It was fantastic and an absolutely beautiful day to get out and enjoy something I haven't done in so long. I miss Sandwich. On the way home I recieved a  phone call from Ryan. He took his sweet new bike (from Papa Wheelies) out for a long pedal. Some sand messed up his contacts pretty bad so we picked him up in Alton Bay on the way home. 

I'll be posting more regularly. 

Paul Raffa! Thank you for helping out you donated enough free coffee from McDonalds to last both Ryan and I the entire trip!!!! WOOHOO

6 Days to go. We've stopped painting to focus full time on our fundraising. We've been hitting the local bike shops. Had a great talk with the guys at Papa Wheelies in Portsmouth. We still need to take care of this bike isssue.
Last Sunday we went to a few bike shops that literally laughed at us and worst of all told me I would cause permanent damage to my body. To bad as my sisters boy friend had just donated his great wheels. TOO SMALL!! Bummer!

I have had friends I haven't spoken with in ages come out donating and supporting our cause, it's fantastic! Thank you so much!!!

It's really down to cruch time and we haven't been able to raise enough to take care of both of our basic needs on this trip. We have been debating what to do. If we aren't able to raise the remainder in the last few days we'll be pushing the date back a week. If we still can't it's to late this year and Bike for Life will flip to a spring adventure. West to East on the same route.

Hammered our day one of our media blitz! We've made the Bay Sider. check out

Spending the morning recording a few different segments with Kelley Brown on WHEB

Erin Plummer of the Meredith News is going to have a story ready for us as well.

Maybe waiting this extra week will really help us raise some serious funding.

Today was a great day. I hope they keep coming! With not many more donations we will be able to get proper bikes and sta
I've mostly been working on my short rides. They are starting to get faster, I'm still stuck riding the hard tail. I haven't been able to modify it yet for touring so I'm loosing lots of speed for sure. I looked  at average bike MPH for long trips and many people have 17+ MPH avg's. This is discouraging as that speed would give us so much more time to enjoy exploring town and things on the way. 
To date we have pretty much trained to 13mph average. Though I was able to get to Market Square in Portsmouth. from 369 in 50 minutes. Which posts well above 13mph. Though I'm not sure it is sustainable and that route is hill favorable.

We are coming up on crunch time and it's scary. I'm still broke and determined but we are hoping for a miracle to pull this off properly. 

Ryan did land some BIG NEW!S! Oct. 2 we have a date with WHEB radio stations to record a segment and a commercial for the trip. Hopefully getting in front of this many people will raise lots of awareness about what we are trying to do with the fund. 

I'm beat from a long day leaning against a wall so it looks like i'll be crashing early. Ryan is already passed out, shoes still on so.... i've got some chores to do. 

Have started to line up private lessons out in PC. I'm thinking about this, tell me how does it sound. 'Park City Privates' 'A true UT ski lesson'   Offering privates guides and lessons at three of Park Cities best resorts???? 

Eghh? any takers? 

More to come with some more energy. Ciao for now
Training Update: Sunday 40 miles in 3:20

Cross training today, Monday. Rode the Mtn. bike in the mud bogs. Ryan made it head over his handle bars at one point, superman style off of a ledge into a thigh deep mud puddle. Hilarious.

 We came back from the BSA Golf Tournament for the Anderson Fund. What a great success. On my bike ride Sunday I was thinking how amazing it is that the Fund so far has truly been the effort of 50 close friends and family of Jerry Anderson. Looking around the room everyone knows just about everyone else, now, generally because of this event. The cause is wonderful absolutely but the people are there year after year because they were touched by the man who believed and founded the cause. The people who worked for him, for his family, who grew up next to him. The general population has a funeral however large and a wake maybe. Some sort of closure ceremony, once.

Jerry touched people so much that each year they, in memory of him are able to join together in a positive way and continue to raise incredible amounts of money for the cause his family continues.

Mr. John Fouracre on the spot while at dinner made a $.05 cent a mile pledge to our ride. He said he would double it if we finished before we planned. He challenged everyone in the room to match our offer. He said that he would match anyone who matched him.

Thanks to Ryan and my wonderful Alicia for comming to help sell mulligans at the tourny. You raised some great money! 

Thank you so much to Roselynn's Ice Cream on Route 27 in Newfield’s for sponsoring some ice cream after we returned from our ride. They have the most incredible homemade ice cream I’ve had in NH far and away. 

I have to give an old friend of my Cormac Griffin a shout out. I dropped him off at Adams Point, NH for his transcontenential bike ride. He's success is an inspiration. 

Ryan got a ticket for biking so fast on our sunday ride. Check out the pictures in the gallery. None of him covered in mud but he hadn't even washed up yet before the beer run to Texaco. 
A welcome long weekend from the painting gig. I haven't ridden since the bike tire flat, having not been to the store for a new tube. Plans have me headed out the door for a 6 miler once I'm done here.
Sending more sponsorship letters out. Working on pre-ride funding events. Hopefully Roots Nation will join the cause for a charity benefit before we go. Love their Reggae!
Feeling anxiety about leaving in just over a month though I am confident we will get this done and I love doing all this marketing work.
 This has been an opportunity to get back in touch with some people whom I haven't spoken with in some time. It's funny how when you take on a cause whole hardily, a truly good cause, people will come out of the woodwork to stand by your side.
Working on improvements to the website everyday, today we added a much needed contact us section.

Shoot me an email with any questions at all. If you are a potential trans-american biker or well worn ass we'd love to trade notes on the experience.

You know the moments in life that define you or maybe change the way you operate fundamentally. I have been feeling the impending shift, i'm waiting with both apprehension and excitement all of this is quite a swell of emotion.

Bike for Life 2009

Having been personally interested in photography for many years now I am hoping to use the time on the road to compile a photo essay of traveling across the US.

With an aim to depict the unique differences among our states and even individual townships.

Followers of our ride will have the opportunity to view this journey on this website in the "Pictures" section. Though the best photo documentation will be reserved for

3,349 Miles Across America
A photo esssay

Have been cranking on sponsorship letters. Slept through this morning's 13 miler and ended up opting for a sprint day. 5 miles when we came back from work.. It was chilly today out of the sun. Wild to think last week was 90+ degrees!  No complaints from this guy.

Working hard on event and sponsor coordination. It looks like start day may be moved to Monday the 12 though we are waiting on media coverage's schedule.
We learned today about a local bar we can have some local fundraisers with.

Supremely  tired right now so looks like i'll be calling it quits with aspirations of hitting the road early tomo


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