We need stuff to make this ride and we need your help!!!

  • TOURING BIKES!!! GOT EM!!! Papa Wheelies came through with those! Thanks Guys!
  • FOOD!! Tuna fish- Ramen Noodels- Light Non-Perishables or Gift Cards to Supermarkets across our route
  • Rain Gear- Shell layers for those days when the sky opens up and climbing the snowy Rockies
  • Hyper light 2 person tent- We are carrying everything we need so weight is key
  • Roll up inflatable camping sleep pads
  • Front Panniers
  • Poly Pro Shirt tops- XL and L
  • Small Camping stove and fuel
  • Helmets- Light and Airy, for those states not as free as NH
  • SPONSORS!!!!

How to Donate?

Please feel free to contact me(Cory Damm) with any questions at my email: or my cell 

All donated items can be sent directly to us at: 
369 Piscassic Rd, Newfields, NH 03856

Monetary donations for our costs and cause can be made on this site by hitting the yello "Donation" link that we've put all over the site.