HOOKED US UP WITH BIKES AND APPAREL!!!! Go vist Nat and the Crew!


Platinum Sponsorship-
$10,000 donation

Our ride will be named after Platinum Sponsor.
Every press release and media event with feature your name
Synonymous recognition at each fund raising event along the route
Name published to website on each page
Your bikes will earn the bragging rights of 3,500 miles  across the US in 60 days more miles than the Tour De France
Pictures featuring your bikes in America's most beautiful natural back drops

Gold Sponsorship-

PAPA WHEELIES of Portsmouth!!!
Nat McAllister and the crew down in the Portsmouth NH shop have helped us in making this trip possible. With out them we wouldn't have been able to go at all.

Check out their website or better yet stop in the stores and say hello! 

$5,000 Donation or Equipment of Equal Value

Title sponsorship on home page
Synonymous mention in each press release
Printed mention in each fund raiser along the route.

Named Sponsors-

Clearchannel Communications and all it's affiliate stations! Kelly Brown helped us get the word out wit the PSA below and a great interview! 


Your name featured on Web Site Sponsors link
Name printed in guest booklets to fund raising events

Contact- for more information


~Individual Sponsors ~

  • Beverly Fallstrom
  • April Paschos
  • James Klucznic
  • Cynthia Watkins
  • Kathryn Miller
  • Lynn Anderson
  • Shayna Randall
  • Laura Dodge
  • David and Tracy Poirot
  • Judith Drawe
  • David and Tracy Poirot
  • Alicia Monahan
  • Terry Tengler
  • Kathleen Anderson
  • Leora Blau
  • Florence Grady
  • Larry Aft
  • Michael Mooney
  • Kelli & Brian Kalinowski- Doing more for us then we can ever thank.
  • Paul Raffa- Sending us enough coffee to get us through the whole trip!!! Thanks McDonalds!!! 
  • Jared Ramsdell
  • John Barba
  • Matt Tengler