2009 500 miles in 7 days- Statue of Liberty to the White House

Bike For Life 2009 took a change in course! We hope that the 2009 tour, Liberty Island to the White House will tie our Nations Freedom and our Nations Capital together to help expand awareness of the Oncology Fund.

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The Cause

Have you ever skipped or missed a Dr's Appointment? Maybe you were to busy or it just slipped your mind. "Oh I can reschedule"
Dr's appointments are missed simply because they can not be afforded. In some cases LIFE SAVING medications and needs are not met because of the cost.

The Anderson Pharmacy Fund for Oncology Patients was established by Jerry & Lynn Anderson in 2000 when Lynn was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer at Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia NH. Lynn overheard another patient saying he could not afford $45 for a necessary medication. The Andersons decided they would like to do something to help ensure that oncology patients in the Lakes Region would not need to worry about how they would pay for the care that they need. Lynn's treatment was successful and she is celebrating seven years of being cancer free.

When Jerry was diagnosed with lung cancer in April of 2005, his daughters and sons-in-law decided to honor him with a golf tournament to raise money for the fund he and Lynn established. Sadly, his brave struggle ended before the date of the first tournament, but thanks to the generosity of his friends and family over $50,000 has been raised to date for this important cause. Since its creation, the Fund has helped literally hundreds of patients receive the treatment they need without delay, regardless of their ability to pay.  It is our goal with this event to MATCH the amount of funds raised since the START of the charity!  Help us in our journey to reach our destination!k here to edit.

Kick Off Day at Liberty Island


500 M later at the White House


Total Dollar Bike for Life Goal

Our First Donation today!!! 9-09-2009. Thanks Kathy!!!

BSA Golf Tourney!! 9-12-2009 $15,000 raised straight to the fund!  WOOOO!

John Fouracer challenges everyone to match his $.05 a mile pledge.  Help us in our goal and match John!
Thanks to Leora Blau for her $25 Dollar Donation!
Thank you Larry Aft for your $.05 mile donation to the cause! 
Florence Grady has helped out to the tune of $35.00
Terry Tengler Helping Make This Happen With           --           $250.00!!!!!!! 

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FACEBOOK CORY'S BIRTHDAY GOAL- $230 dollars for the cause for my 23 birthday!
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The Road:-Statue of Liberty to White House-
                           -5 States 500 Miles-


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Total Donations made via this site and Facebook Cause

 Who and Why??? "You are biking? On a pedal bicycle?"

As people who have been in the position of skipping appointments due to cost constraints this cause hit's home. Ryan and I are fortunate to be young and generally healthy and missing a simple appointment for the financial burden is stressful. I can't imagine having to make that decision when your life stands on the line. This cause strikes a deeply personal chord for both Ryan and I. We feel unbelievably fortunate to have the opportunity do something to help people with that problem.
Cory Damm and Ryan Page decided one day in a Park City apartment that once the lease was up they were going to need a way to get back out west and someone said jokingly ' We should bike!!!' That was almost 10 months ago now and we've decided to actually do it!

The Anderson Family has been close to me (Cory Damm) for many many years now. Jerry had always been an inspiration both in his success as a business man as well as his often silent generosity in many local philanthropic causes. Having missed the annual Golf Tournament last year I wanted to come this year with a way to surprise everyone. I have always wanted to do something big and adventurous. Last year I drove across the country but it just wasn't what I was looking for. When we started talking more and more about biking west it felt more and more right.

Having the opportunity to make this ride a fund raising event for such a fantastic cause that is so dear to me is an honor and a privilege. Jerry passed away 6 Weeks after diagnosis, only a week before my high school graduation. It makes me very happy that I am able to dedicate this adventure to such a great person and an equally noble cause.

Please help Ryan and I make this the most successful fundraiser we can have. Help those less fortunate suffering from cancer to pay for the necessary life saving medications without delay.

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